miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015

Dentist From Minnesota Pays $50,000 to Kill Cecil the African Lion

More sad news on the wildlife front. Yesterday, a Northern White Rhino in a Czech zoo died, bringing the grand total of Northern Whites Rhinos on Earth to four (and they are all in captivity). Now, it has come to light that Walter Palmer, a man from a small town near Minneapolis killed Cecil the Lion, one of Africa’s most famous lions and the star attraction at the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe, according to The Guardian.
The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Palmer is the culprit and he was abetted by two Zimbabwean men who will appear in court for allegedly helping lure the lion outside of its protected area to kill it, reports the AP. The lion was found skinned and headless on the outskirts of the park. Walter and the two Zimbabweans said they didn’t know the lion they killed was protected. Source

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