THE SELF-DRIVING CAR REPORT: Forecasts, tech timelines, and the benefits and barriers that will impact adoption
Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea. Companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla have already released, or are soon to release, self-driving features that give the car some ability to drive itself.
Tech companies are also trying to pioneer the self-driving car. Recently, Google announced that it would be testing its prototype of a driverless car on roads this summer in California. 
In a new report from BI Intelligence, we analyze the self-driving car market by analyzing the current state of the self-driving car and provide an in-depth analysis for how we see the self-driving car progressing over the next five years. Our in-depth analysis describes the economic impact that self-driving cars can have and look at the current barriers preventing the self-driving car from coming to market. Source

This Amazing Tree Can Grow 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit!
Technology is only as limited as the human mind, and when one can conceive a grand vision, it will no doubt be made manifest at some point or another.
Such statement applies to the enchanting-looking tree which is capable of bearing 40 different types of stone fruit, including peaches, nectarines, apricots, and almonds. Artist and Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken is responsible for this magnificent wonder and achieved it by harnessing an ancient technique called “chip grafting.”
As NationalGeographic shares, the process is one of patience. Over a period of several years, Van Aken tediously spliced branches with buds of various varieties into a base branch called the “working tree.” Source

What is the World's Deadliest Animal?

Yo quiero uno! Me hizo el día!
Posted by 106.3 Más Variedad on Thursday, July 24, 2014

Así funciona el corazón.
Posted by Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Great white shark beached itself!
Great white shark beaches itselfAmerican beachgoers were stunned when a young great white shark got stranded on a Cape Cod beach after trying to hunt seagulls.
Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald - on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Billboard that generates drinking water. Simple and great.
We’ve seen vertical farms before, but this brings urban agriculture quite literally to the next level. In the Bujama region of Lima, Peru, thousands of lettuce heads are sprouting next to a major highway thanks to a very unusual source: a billboard. SOURCE

The Energy Mix:

No single energy source can fill the gap. The UK needs to find a mix that balances each source's pros and cons, and to use energy more efficiently. See which sources could form the mix: SOURCE

Posted by JornalCiencia on Sunday, June 29, 2014

DID YOU KNOW? ... Strange that the original fish-eating wood!

Who needs a garage when you've got something like this!

Who needs a garage when you've got something like this.#VideofromChina
Posted by Trending in China on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Biggest Pit Bull in the World? 175-Pound Dog Named Hulk

This slide looks normal, but when you reach the end, you've never seen anything like this!

Turning a window into a solar cell to recharge electronic devices
Sandra Casillas researcher from the Technological Institute of La Laguna, in the north of Mexico, has managed to patent 20 projects, and an example of her work is the design of two Tandem cells that turns windows into a solar panel capable of capturing up to eight volts per square meter of light and allows to recharge electronics. It is also transparent, allowing visibility. SOURCE

Man puts on amazing free-standing ladder performance on America's Got Talent

Yetenek Sizsiniz Amerika'da yarışan merdiven cambazı, yeteneğiyle jüriyi büyüledi!Man puts on amazing free-standing ladder performance on America's Got Talent
Posted by Hürriyet TV on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nancy Siefke Broke the record of shot of 6.09 m to a target measuring only 5.5 inches.

Nick Bennett -James Bond 12.463 souvenirs-

Akiko Obata Guinness as having the largest collection of plastic food. In his apartment there are 8,000 reproductions of all sorts of food.

Chris Walton “The Dutchess” the singer who has the longest fingernails in the world. In total it has 6 meters divided among all the nails of his hands.

Fred Reifsteck 8 Meters and 23 centimetres, with a height of 2, 43 meters and a width of 4, 57 meters

Cirque du Soleil’s latest production

Ladies & Gentleman -­ Stuart Van Halen of the #Minions will now perform #Eruption
Posted by Van Halen on Friday, July 10, 2015

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