The Best Places to See 10 Iconic American Animals

Photo: Matt Miller/TNC
For mountain monarchs, some might prefer the bighorn sheep. But the mountain goat is the only member of its genus, and that genus is found only in North America. To me, no animal better typifies the spectacular mountain ranges of the West.
Where to See: Glacier National Park offers jaw-dropping scenery, with lots of mountain goats scampering around it. The Logan Pass area and trails are particularly good (and you can see bighorn sheep, hoary marmots and other cool critters as well).
For a patriotic location, you can see them up close around Mount Rushmore but this is a non-native population. Source

Over Yellowstone. Photograph by Eric Smith
The day Your Shot member Eric Smith first walked the path around Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring, he made an addition to his bucket list: photographing the spring from the air. “I made that dream a reality as I took off in a helicopter from Bozeman, Montana, and flew to the Midway Geyser Basin [where Grand Prismatic is located] to get the 50-megapixel shots I had always seen in my mind,” he writes. “It was even more spectacular than I could have imagined. The final composition juxtaposes humanity with one of America's most incredible natural treasures.” Source

The Wild Nature Institute
Conducts Scientific Research on At-Risk Wildlife Species and Their Habitats, Advocates for Their Protection, and Educates the Public About the Need to Preserve Wild Nature.

The Wild Nature Institute's scientists conduct original primary field research, analyze existing available data, and synthesize scientific literature. Avenues for dissemination of results include reports and peer-reviewed publications, presentations at scientific and management conferences, articles and editorials in the media, meetings with decision-makers, comments on land-management plans, and other innovative outlets. Source

Photo of the Month Desktop Wallpaper. July 2015: Telluride Valley, Colorado

Up until recently, Telluride has been one of the only places that ever felt like home. There is something magical about the San Juan Mountains that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.
This spot is near my house and I spend quite a bit of time roaming around and taking photos of the valley. During the summer and fall we get afternoon showers that bring in the most incredible clouds and light.
It was one of the first times it snowed during the fall and this particular evening was really special. It had snowed the night before, the Aspen trees were just starting to turn, and a storm had just ended it was one of those moments that I felt lucky to witness and capture. Source

Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year

This delightful, annual photo exhibition now in its seventh edition presents the winners of the 2014 Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography of the Year contest.
Feast your eyes upon 25 amazing perspectives of mammals, birds, insects, fish and amphibians: Source

Staring at the Sun. Photograph by Clemens Capek, National Geographic Your Shot

A meerkat family warms up at sunrise in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. “Shortly after waking up, a meerkat family also called a gang or mob will warm in the sun to harvest energy for the day,” writes Your Shot member Clemens Capek. The animals are normally shy, but one family in the area became accustomed to humans in close proximity, allowing Capek to capture them in their natural surroundings. Source

Triple Falls Glacier National Park

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